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About Marijuana

Marijuana is one of the most widely used drug in the world just in line behind cocaine. While it is not considered one of the most deadly drugs in the world, marijuana is considered a gateway drug that, when used, can lead to the abuse of more dangerous street drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine or LSD. Although marijuana does not have as many negative effects as some of the harsher, chemical based drugs may have, it is still a dangerous and addictive substance, that should be avoided by most people.

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Effects of Marijuana

Initially, after smoking or eating marijuana, the individual may feel mildly sedated, calm and relaxed. As the drug wears off, these feelings can heighten to anxiety, panic attacks, laughing or otherwise acting irrationally. Normal situations and items become more interesting and perplexing and a lack of coordination may make everyday tasks difficult to handle. Widely criticized and often misunderstood, marijuana is also considered by some to be an effective method of relaxing the stomach and is actually legalized in some parts of the US as a method of treatment for those suffering from Glaucoma or cancer. Learn more about the effects of marijuana here.

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Effects of Marijuana on Fetus

The effects that smoking or eating marijuana has on the fetus last far after the baby is born. This powerful drug can cause lasting neurological problems for an unborn fetus, may reduce the growth of the child and can also affect their learning abilities after birth. It’s important for pregnant mothers to understand that smoking marijuana is very harmful to their unborn baby and can have detrimental effects on the child that last many years. Learn more about the effects of marijuana on a fetus here.

Long Term Side Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana affects the central nervous system causing a range of long term effects that can be difficult to cope with and may cause other problems in life. Short term memory loss is definitely a factor when marijuana is abused but other long term effects of smoking or eating marijuana may also occur. Some of the most common effects include damage to the lungs, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, depression and poor eating habits. Learn more about the long term side effects of marijuana here.

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Short Term Effects of Marijuana

In the short term, the effects of marijuana typically only last about an hour or so. Fortunately, for the individual smoking or eating the marijuana these effects are not typically all that dangerous or deadly but they can cause some consequences. The most common short term effects of marijuana include memory loss, difficulty concentrating, poor coordination, lack of motivation and a relaxed state. Unfortunately, sometimes other drugs are mixed into the marijuana without the prior knowledge or consent of the user which leads to additional effects which could include hallucinations, increased heart rate, a raise in blood pressure or other dangerous side effects. Learn more about the short term effects of marijuana here.