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25 Common Marijuana Effects

Marijuana does impair a user’s brain chemicals and the effects of the drug are unpredictable and will vary with each user.  While many do find the effects to be trivial when compared to the dangerous side effects associated with the use of various other street drugs such as heroin or cocaine, downplaying marijuana’s side effects will only lead to further progression of an already serious problem. Although not all of the effects of marijuana are terrible or bad, there are a number of concerns that mount when a user regularly smokes pot including the risk of lung disease, loss of short term memory, heightened anxiety and depression.

Marijuana Effects

The use of marijuana has been around for centuries and although the drug is deemed illegal to use, millions of Americans abuse the drug every day. Some people find the effects of marijuana to be therapeutic, whereas others find the effects of the drug to be problematic to their psyche.

marijuana abuse

Marijuana has a number of psychological and physical effects.

The effects of marijuana on a user can be extremely different for one person than they are for another, and although many people have pleasant experiences on the drug, some people have the opposite effect.

Below is a list of the 25 most common effects of marijuana…

1)      Euphoria: Marijuana creates a pleasurable warm feeling to flow throughout a person’s body, which is why people use the term ‘high’ when they are smoking the drug because they can feel as though they are care free and floating.

2)      Increased hunger: One of the medical benefits of marijuana is its effect of increasing a user’s hunger. This can significantly help with people who are suffering from eating disorders or people who are sick and have lost their appetite.

3)      Hallucinations: Some people experience hallucinations when using marijuana.

4)      Red eyes: Marijuana increases blood flow which results in a user’s eyes turning red from blood vessels.

5)      Increased sleep: Many users of marijuana sleep more often.

6)      Increased heart rate: According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana increases a user’s heart rate by 20-100 percent shortly after smoking. Increased heart rate can last up to three hours.

7)      Loss of short term memory.

8)      Increased long term memory.

9)     Anxiety.

10)  Paranoia.

11)  Sensitivity to loud sounds: Some user’s experience heightened or impaired senses when they are using the drug.

12)  Loss of sense of time.

13)  Panic attacks.

14)  Fatigue: Heavy users of marijuana tend to become less active and rarely want to participate in strenuous activities when on the drug.

15)  Increased humor: Users of marijuana tend to laugh more and find people or random aspects of life more humorous than they would if they were not under the influence of the drug.

16)  Reduction of stress.

17)  Increased sex drive.

18)  Increased sensations.

19)  Increased enjoyment of music, art and comedy.

20)  Feelings of insanity.

21)  Dissociation: Some users experience a detachment from their body or from their environment.

22)  Decreased sperm count in men: According to a the Foundation for a Drug Free World, marijuana impairs the configuration of sperm cells, which deforms them and causes temporary sterility in men.

23)  Impaired balance.

24)  Mood swings.

25)  Uncontrollable shaking.