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Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana is a highly debated drug in America today. THC, the active chemical in Marijuana, has many benefits for people with chronic health problems. Unfortunately, like any drug, it can also be abused. When this occurs, marijuana is a highly addictive drug with many side effects. The physical, emotional and psychological effects of marijuana can cause life-long issues.

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Physical Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana causes many physical effects in the body. The most common side effect is extreme hunger or thirst. This is known as the “munchies.” Other effects include increased heartbeat, change in blood pressure, cold or hot sensation in the hands and feet and a relaxation of muscles, including smooth muscles. Effects of marijuana on the eye include a lowering of the pressure in the eye and a pink tinge in the white part of the eye due to dilation of the capillaries in the conjunctiva.

Emotional and Psychological Effects of Marijuana Use

Initially, marijuana causes a pleasant, almost euphoric feeling. This is quickly followed by a peaceful feeling. Many people get lazy or find otherwise normal things fascinating.

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After that, however, negative effects set in. These include difficulty with thinking, problem solving and memory. Time often seems to pass much slower. The ability to form memories or recalling events may also suffer.

People who use marijuana may also develop or exasperate symptoms of anxiety and depression. THC can intensify feelings and cause exaggerated thought and paranoia. The person may lose interest in things they once enjoyed, withdraw from social circles, family and others.

Long-Term Effects of Marijuana

When used over many years, marijuana takes a toll on the body and mind of the user. Smoking marijuana has been linked to physical ailments. like cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and impaired immune function. People who smoke marijuana are also at higher risk for developing depression, suicidal thoughts and panic attacks. It can also cause more serious psychological ailments such as psychosis, schizophrenia, debilitating rage, paranoia and difficulty recalling long-term memory.

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