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5 Benefits of a Local Marijuana Rehab Program

Marijuana dependency and addiction are valid concerns for individuals who wish to quit using marijuana and find they are unable to. Even those who remain abstinent for significant lengths of time may find themselves relapsing on occasion when the pull of marijuana becomes too strong.

It may be helpful to know that while there are many rehab treatment options to choose from, there are several benefits to choosing a local marijuana rehab program.

Why do People Seek Marijuana Rehab Treatment?

marijuana addiction help

Local rehab programs help people keep costs down and stay near loved ones.

According to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH),”marijuana was the most commonly used illicit drug, with 19.8 million current (past month) users.” Some common reasons people seek treatment for marijuana dependence is because:

  • They realize that marijuana is reducing their cognitive abilities or they have developed a disabling cognitive, emotional, or behavioral disorder.
  • They have a lack of motivation or energy which hinders their abilities to get things done and participation in important activities.
  • They have tried to quit on their own unsuccessfully and repeatedly.
  • To improve circumstances or reduce consequential harms involving finances, relationships, employment, social, health, or environmental issues.

1) Less Travel and Associated Costs

Local marijuana rehab programs are more effective for individuals when they are not overburdened with travel and associated costs. This allows them to engage more actively in the required counseling and behavioral therapy sessions, remain close to their support networks, and take advantage of the opportunities provided through treatment.

2.) Greater Network Support

Having the support of family, friends, and others involved in the marijuana recovery efforts improves the outcome of the individual’s treatment. Local support groups are considered an integral part of building relationships that are positive and help to reform behaviors through interactions with others undergoing similar experiences. The greater the support network, the more people there are available to help when the urges to use marijuana reappear.

3) Improved Access to Treatment Services

Behavioral therapies, support, and counseling are the cornerstone of marijuana rehab programs. Medical, psychiatric, and other community resources augment the treatments with ongoing assessments and necessary changes made over the course of treatment. The more access a person has to these services and resources the greater their retention and recovery outcome will be.

4.) Ongoing Support

Relapse prevention is a primary element of marijuana rehab and some people may find themselves in need of more care long after they leave the formal treatment setting. Having a local marijuana rehab for ongoing support can be the difference between relapse and living continuously free from marijuana.

5.) More Time

With all the things that need to be accomplished on a day to day basis, local marijuana rehab can provide the person more time to perform the necessary obligations they have at home, work, school, or elsewhere with greater flexibility in handling the program schedules set out in treatment.