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Psychological Effects of Marijuana Use

Most people use marijuana for its euphoric effects that produce a sense of calmness or tranquility. The psychoactive properties of THC in marijuana affect memory, cognitive, and motor functions while the use of marijuana may be a catalyst to other addictions, psychological impairments, or mental health issues. Usually marijuana has a pleasant psychological effect for the user, but sometimes, negative emotional reactions occur such as anxiety, distortions, emotional withdrawals, and disinterest. Senses and perceptions may be intensified or exaggerated and may result in panic, hallucinations, delusions, or other negative thought patterns. Memory loss and cognitive disruptions may result in learning disabilities and other problems relating to the intellectual functioning of the brain. With prolonged or heavy use, mental illness may require therapy to reverse, existing mental illness may be aggravated, or in extreme cases, certain conditions may become permanent.

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Treatment Options

Treatment for Psychological Effects of Marijuana Use

Treatment for marijuana addiction requires a focused approach to the psychological issues of marijuana dependency. Detoxification may take up to a month and the addict needs to have a program regimen that enforces abstinence while participating in individual and group counseling designed to address their needs. These sessions afford the addict the opportunity to share and learn positive behaviors as memory and cognitive functions are rehabilitated. Cognitive Behavior Therapy with a 12 Step support program is usually most beneficial to the marijuana addict. Development and access to resources that encourage abstinence and promotes a healthier mentality is usually sufficient for marijuana abuse but, other therapies may be used in cases of other mental health disorders.

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Benefits of Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

Treating marijuana addiction improves the addict’s confidence and sense of self worth when brain functions return to normal. Time, along with freedom to concentrate on and practice positive life skills, while reducing or eliminating stress factors, is considered to be the greatest benefit of addiction treatment. It is a sober, safe, and supportive environment that encourages the marijuana addict to remain abstinent. Another benefit of treatment for marijuana addiction may involve treatment of other areas of impairments, whether physical or psychological, which commonly are ignored by marijuana abusers. Individual and group sessions help the addict to gain insight and ideas for maintaining sobriety and addressing the social, economic and other consequences revolving from the marijuana abuse.

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