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Tips for Finding a Marijuana Rehab Center For Your Loved One

Marijuana rehab can often be necessary if a person has become addicted to or dependent on the drug. It is never easy to admit that someone you love needs help with addiction, but once understood and accepted, the first step is finding treatment. There are many rehab centers available that could be very beneficial to your loved one.

Rehab for Marijuana Addiction

According to a study from the NCBI, “some 4.3 percent of Americans have been dependent on marijuana.” This means that, not only do they use the drug, but they have begun to feel as if they cannot live without it. People who experience marijuana dependence usually experience withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings for the drug.

Rehab is often necessary for those who are addicted to and dependent on marijuana. Because the symptoms of withdrawal “may be considered mild compared with heroin and severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms,” many people do not believe they should seek formal treatment for marijuana addiction. But marijuana addiction can be just as resilient as addictions to other drugs, meaning that individuals who experience it will still need help breaking the actual habits and changing the way they think about their marijuana use.

Types of Rehab Centers

marijuana help

Finding marijuana addiction help for your loved one can greatly improve their life.

There are several types of rehab centers that offer treatment for those who are going through marijuana addiction recovery. One of the first options to consider is whether or not your loved one needs to be in a controlled environment with an inpatient facility or whether he or she might be better suited by outpatient care. Usually, marijuana addiction produces mild symptoms of withdrawal, so outpatient care is the preferred option. Also with your concern and a “good support system,” the patient would be able to attend outpatient treatment “without incurring the higher costs of inpatient treatment” (NCBI).

There are also other options to consider when choosing a type of rehab center such as:

  • Private rehab which may be important if your loved one is concerned about his or her privacy
  • Free or low cost rehab which will provide your loved one with the essential treatments without extra cost
  • Holistic rehab which implements holistic methods into the regular treatment regimen

How to Find Marijuana Rehab Centers

There are many ways to find and search for marijuana rehab centers and many centers to choose from once you do. Here are some tips on how to find rehab centers for your loved one:

  • SAMHSA‘s treatment locator will list many rehab centers that are close to you, as well as their rates and treatment types.
  • Free or low-income clinics can be a good source of information if you ask the staff.
  • Discuss the issue with your doctor who may be able to recommend a good rehab center that fits your loved one’s needs.
  • Spend time researching rehab databases that discuss the different amenities and treatments provided at specific centers. Follow up by calling or visiting these centers.

The most important aspect of finding a treatment facility for your loved one is that the center is right for him or her. If there is a way to keep the person involved in the process, try to. Otherwise, just think about his or her needs when making the decision.