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Christian Rehab Programs

Christian rehab programs focus on a reconnection with God and the power of faith as the cornerstone for renewal and restoration of mind, body, and soul. In a Christian drug rehab, individuals receive spiritual guidance as well as the other standard treatment programs such as detox, counseling, and therapy. Christian drug rehabs specialize in support, changes, and motivation to enlighten and encourage positive behaviors through the availability of worship, pastoral care, prayer, and other bible based treatment plans. The facilities are managed to afford the addict a greater chance to live life with more meaning through an enforced abstinence program that may be short or long term, outpatient or residential, depending on availability and addict’s needs.

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Holistic Rehab Programs

Holistic drug rehabs focus on healing the addict’s mind, body, and soul, simultaneously. Through a practice of nurturing the body with healthy foods and exercise, physical healing promotes a greater desire for recovery. Mental and other psychological issues evolving from marijuana abuse may leave the addict with feelings of depression, anxiety, and lack of self worth. Cognitive behavior programs focus on enhancing the sense of belonging with positive habits to enjoy life and appreciate greater awareness and control.

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Treatment Options

Long Term Rehab Programs

Inpatient drug rehab programs vary in length with short term stays averaging around 30 days. Long term rehab durations are from 3 months to 2 years and may prove beneficial to chronic marijuana abusers who are intent on remaining abstinent from this drug, but have been unsuccessful in previous outpatient or short term inpatient programs. The long term rehab offers a more intensified approach that allows the addict time to recover in a structured and safe environment. This beneficial time in sobriety offers the greatest chance to practice positive life skills, increase mental concentration, and develop more confidence.

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12 Step Rehab Programs

While residential rehab may offer the greatest chance for recovery, a 12 step rehab program can offer help in remaining abstinent once the addict admits that they have a problem and wishes to seek help. The programs are designed to address additive, compulsive, and other behavioral issues with the 12 step guidance principles as initially defined by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). In 1989, Marijuana Anonymous (MA) was formed to specifically support marijuana abstinence.