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Ways to Prepare for Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana rehab may require behavioral treatment, classes, or group therapy sessions from which you can return home each day. In some cases, though, inpatient treatment may be necessary. Depending on what type of rehab you will be attending, consider the ways to prepare for marijuana rehab and make the transition smoother.

Make Lists

marijuana rehab

Before starting marijuana rehab, try making lists to keep organized.

It will be important that you know what you need and how everything will be taken care of while you are in marijuana rehab. In many cases, marijuana rehab takes place in an outpatient center so you can expect to be home at night. But even this can require some changes to be made. Making lists of what you need to do to prepare can help keep your life organized while you get ready to attend rehab.

Some of the lists you may need to make are:

  • What to bring with you to the facility (especially if it is an inpatient facility)
  • What your daily responsibilities will be (life and rehab responsibilities both included)
  • What your friends and family can do to help
  • What changes you may need to make before you start attending rehab

When making these lists, remember to be thorough and to consider all aspects of your life and needs, not just those which pertain to your drug use. “Effective treatment attends to the multiple needs of the individual,” according to the NIDA, and knowing your needs will help you attend to them as well.

Get to Know Your Facility

One of the best things you can do is visit your facility before you start attending rehab. If you are staying there, ask to go on a tour of the grounds, find out when visiting hours are, when meals are, and what the daily schedule is. If your facility is an outpatient program, it is still important that you visit beforehand. Try and find where you will be going to attend group therapy or one-on-one sessions, as this can make it much easier for you when you actually come to start treatment.

You should choose a facility that fits your needs, and knowing that you are comfortable with the way things run is a part of that. Knowing the kind of treatments as well as classes (vocational, nutritional), drug tests, and other services your facility provides is a very important aspect of becoming prepared for rehab.

Make a Budget

For most people, treatment will have some kind of cost. If you are attending a support group, you may not need to budget your treatment expenses, but otherwise, there will likely be some cost on your end. SAMHSA states that “some facilities offer substance abuse treatment at no charge or a sliding fee scale based on income and other factors.” Budgeting out your necessary treatment expenses now could keep you from paying more later and could allow you to find beneficial and affordable treatment.

There are many ways to prepare for marijuana rehab, and the more you know, the better prepared you will be. If possible, attend a support group meeting and ask if anyone else there has attended marijuana rehab. Also don’t forget to check the Internet for testimonials from other individuals who have attended rehab.