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Signs You Need Marijuana Addiction Help

 You Experience Marijuana Withdrawal.

Chronic, every day abuse of marijuana may cause dependence and withdrawal. When someone has been abusing the drug for a long time, they may start to feel that they cannot feel normal or have fun without it. The truly problematic sign, and a common sign of marijuana addiction, is experiencing marijuana withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop.

The NIDA states, “Long-time marijuana users trying to quit report withdrawal symptoms including irritability, sleeplessness, decreased appetite, anxiety, and drug craving, all of which can make it difficult to abstain.” If this is what you experience when trying to quit, you may need marijuana addiction help.

You Neglect Responsibilities in Order to Smoke.

If you neglect your important responsibilities including school, work, family, relationships, and even caring for yourself and personal hygiene in favor of smoking weed, you may need help for marijuana addiction. Addiction is a disease that affects all parts of your life. Many people would rather have fun than do work or take care of necessary things, but neglecting all of these to the point of serious life problems is a sign that you are addicted to marijuana.

You Smoke Marijuana Chronically.

According to the NIH, addiction to marijuana is “more likely to happen to people who use marijuana every day.” While it doesn’t necessarily constitute addiction, it makes its possibility much more likely, and those who abuse marijuana every day are likely to feel that:

marijuana addiction help

Daily marijuana use can lead to addiction.

  • They do not smoke to feel euphoric but just to feel normal.
  • They smoke even when they are alone.
  • They need marijuana or make excuses not to stop.
  • They smoke even when they don’t want to because they always do it.

These traits, coupled with chronic marijuana abuse, are strong signs that a person needs help for marijuana addiction.

You Seek the Drug No Matter What the Costs.

Drug-seeking behavior is a common trait among addicted individuals. If the person is addicted, they will often do whatever it takes in order to obtain more or abuse more of the drug, even if that means putting themselves or someone else in danger. Chronic marijuana users may experience this and, as marijuana is still an illegal drug in many places, they may face legal ramifications, jail or prison time, or other dangerous or problematic issues as a result of continuing to seek the drug. Often, these consequences will not stop them.

You Cannot Control Your Marijuana Use.

When you realize that you have lost control of your marijuana use, it is time to seek help. For many individuals, addiction means “being unable to stop or reduce” their intake of the drug (NLM). Marijuana can begin to control you to the point where your entire life revolves around it. Addiction to marijuana takes time and usually only occurs with severe or long-time abuse, but when it does, you will feel that you have lost control of your intake of the drug and your life along with it. This is when marijuana addiction help is necessary.