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Marijuana Psychological Effects

Marijuana is a drug that has caused a lot of controversy of late. For many, it can ease the symptoms of cancer treatment and other chronic illnesses. Like any medication, however, it can be abused. When marijuana is abused, it can cause a variety of psychological symptoms.

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Psychological Side Effects of Marijuana

For most people, the primary effect of marijuana is, by nature, psychological. This effect, known as euphoria, allows the user to soften the edges of the world around them. This is often accompanied by a feeling that time has slowed down. It also allows the user to relax. In a small percentage of users, especially novice users, the drug causes anxiety, depression or paranoia. Other effects, including magical or distorted thinking and short-term memory loss also occur in some people.

These side effects are typically short-lived. They tend to slowly ease over three to four hours. Residual effects sometimes last 24 hours or more. Some effects, like anxiety or depression, may have another underlying cause that require longer treatment.

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Treatment Options

Social Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana has multiple effects socially as well as psychologically. The most prominent effect is that of loosening up. People can be more socially aware, more patient. It can also have the opposite effect. People can be anxious, impatient, fidgety or difficult to be around. Logic skills such as math, concentration and comprehension skills are also lost.

Like the psychiatric effects, these tend to be short-lived. Within a few hours, the effects can fade. Occasionally, the effects can last for a day or longer. With larger doses of the drug, longer lasting effects are sometimes seen.

Treatment for Marijuana Psychological Effects

The withdrawal symptoms of marijuana are typically uncomfortable. They are not, however, medically dangerous. Because of that, detox can often occur as an outpatient. In some patients, especially those who have previous failed rehab attempts, inpatient treatment must be considered.

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After detox, the patient enters a longer term rehabilitation program. This can be either inpatient or out and can last from 30 days to two years or longer. Most often, patients transition to a sober living facility within 90 days.

After getting sober, a patient must be treated for remaining psychological symptoms. Antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs can be given to treat underlying issues. Therapy and other non-medical treatment must also be given.

Thankfully, there is hope. If you, or someone you love, struggle with the psychological side effects of marijuana use, help is available. Please contact a treatment facility in your area for more information.