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What are the Effects of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction has many effects that do not immediately disappear after a person receives treatment. Because marijuana is thought to be a relatively harmless drug, many people do not realize the effects of using it too often. Especially when a person becomes addicted to marijuana, he or she can experience effects that are not often pleasant.

Marijuana Addiction

In spite of popular opinions, marijuana addiction does occur. According to the OWH, “addiction means that you keep using a drug, even though it causes problems in your life.” This is true for many marijuana users who will continue to smoke marijuana even when the drug causes problems such as:

  • Life satisfaction issues
  • Health issues
  • Legal issues
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Work and school issues

Health Effects of Marijuana Addiction

marijuana abuse

An addiction to marijuana can interfere in your life in many ways.

Marijuana addiction can have many effects on a person’s health. According to the NIDA, marijuana addiction can cause “poorer mental and physical health.” This relates to a person’s mental health as “associations have… been found between marijuana use and other mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts among adolescents, and personality disturbances.” Chronic marijuana use has also been linked to mental illness.

While this is disturbing, marijuana “also raises heart rate by 20-100 percent shortly after smoking.” This may put the individual at risk for heart attack and other “cardiac vulnerabilities.” Smoking marijuana also causes respiratory problems, in many of the same ways smoking tobacco does.

Life Satisfaction Effects of Marijuana Addiction

The OWH states that addiction to marijuana can mean that “using the drug also may take the place of things that you normally do for fun.” This is very true as many people find that chronic use of marijuana causes the drug to be the only way they are able to relax or enjoy themselves. This can make a person less satisfied with life. Marijuana can also cause apathy toward most other activities.

Work or School Life Effects of Marijuana Addiction

The apathy caused by frequent marijuana abuse can lead to a person doing poorly in work or school. This can cause further consequences such as the person becoming fired or grades slipping. Frequent marijuana use may also cause “damage to the brain’s memory functions, as well as math and verbal skills” in the long-term, making it more difficult to work effectively on either career or school (CESAR).

Relationship Effects of Marijuana Addiction

Addiction will cause someone to continue to do the drug, even in the wake of all of these issues. Many times, families and relationships are broken apart by this type of behavior. The NIDA states that “heavy marijuana users” report “more relationship problems” as a result of these issues. A person can also lose interest in friendships or relationships where the other person does not smoke marijuana.

Legal Effects of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is, in many states, still an illegal substance. A person who is addicted to marijuana has a chance of getting into trouble with the law, but he or she will likely continue to abuse the drug. This can cause real problems for someone, as addiction becomes an illness that the person cannot control, no matter how many unfavorable consequences occur.