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What are the Mental Effects of Marijuana Addiction?

THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid compound found in marijuana that induces short term effects including memory loss, distorted perceptions of time and senses, cognitive impairments, and loss of coordination. The effects may be altered with combined use of alcohol or other drugs and may have various levels of impact or distortions. Thoughts, memory, and cognitive abilities are generally slowed with the euphoric effect and chain of reactions in the brain, central nervous system, and other body functions creating various mental responses and reactions. Addiction to these effects may be emotional and occur when the addict feels unable to deal with stress, depression, or anxiety without its use. Because of impaired functions to the brain, an addict may find it difficult to accomplish normal tasks, relate to society in a normal manner, or concentrate on complex issues involving employment, family, or other relationships. Memory loss leads to mental health issues that extend to more severe psychological issues and may become permanent with heavy abuse or co-addictions.

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Treatments Provided in Marijuana Rehab to Reverse Mental Effects of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is largely comprised of psychological issues which can be addressed with counseling and therapy to support behavior modifications. Habitual consumption of marijuana affects addicts differently and some treatment options may be more intense than others but, with an enforced sobriety arrangement, most effects can be reduced or eliminated. Common treatment plans include Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT) and/or a 12 step program that supports and guides the individual through recognition of the addiction and its consequences, development of positive behaviors and actions, and managing resources available for continued sobriety. Since marijuana is often considered a “gateway” drug, treatment programs are also equipped to handle the co-addictions as well as any other dual diagnosis which may impact the addicts desire to use marijuana.

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Treatment Options

Benefits of Marijuana Addiction Rehabilitation

Marijuana addiction can result in numerous complications beyond mental and physical consequences. There are social, legal, financial, and other issues that are compromised with marijuana addiction. A marijuana rehab avails the addict of time to adjust in sobriety, while, offering resources and tools that help to redevelop more positive and cognitive behaviors. Through practice of these behaviors, an addict gains a sense of self worth, confidence, clarity of thoughts, and positive reinforcement for maintaining abstinence. Stability of self will eventually lead to greater accomplishments that address the other issues which have negatively affected the addict because of their addiction.

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