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Marijuana Addiction Social Effects

Marijuana is a drug that has many physical, psychological and social affects. Often the social affects are the most damaging. Marijuana often leads to social isolation, ruined friendships and other social consequences that are difficult to undo.

Social Effects of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana use among teenagers is on the rise. These teens have difficulty making and maintaining friendships. They are also likely to get lower grades and drop out of high school.

If marijuana use is continued, difficulty getting and maintaining employment can occur. It has also been linked to anti-social behavior, crime and even violence. Further, the effects on memory, concentration and logic skill also keep users from being able to maintain social relationships.

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How Marijuana Addiction Ruins Friendships

Those who are addicted marijuana are typically unable to maintain friendships. This is because the pot takes a majority of the person’s time, energy and concentration. The person is constantly in need, and in search of, the next joint. Addiction can cause people to steal money or goods from people as well.

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Treatment Options

It also temporarily affects the brain in such a way that the person cannot form reasonable arguments, sustain a conversation or enjoy the company of another. Because of this, the addict has difficulty being with others. Typically, the only friendships they can sustain are those with other addicts.

Marijuana Addiction and Social Isolation

When person, struggling with addiction, decides to get help, they must stop seeing the friends that use marijuana. Because of this, they suddenly find themselves social isolated. Rebuilding that social network is essential for recovery.

Sometimes social issues come from other, underlying issues such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These disorders must be treated with therapy, medication and other types of treatments. Once these treatments are in place, rehabilitation is typically more successful.

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Thankfully, the social network can be rebuilt. Utilizing an inpatient or outpatient detoxification program, finding proper support and attending a qualified rehabilitation program are the steps needed to allow the addict can expect to learn the skills needed to succeed in the world. The other necessary skills will also be taught during the recovery process.